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KVL Studios is founded and managed on the philosophy of journeys and enjoying what you do.

We began our story in 2015, when Founder Christopher was 19 and fresh out of high school with initial plans that didn't quite work out. But he found a way, and built Barata into the brand it is today, along with our new brands and platforms.


All throughout our journey from humble snapback beginnings to producing and managing fashion shows, we have always sought to being professionals loving what we do. This translates into our products and content that we produce, to let other young people know that they are also able to turn their passions into something beautiful for themselves.

We did it, and are still doing it. We encourage you to do what makes you happy.


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Christopher Lam



Design, Product Development, Content Creator, Sales & Marketing, Social Media, Networking



Deborah Alois

Co - Manager

Design, Product Development, Content Creator, Social Media, Networking.


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