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Barata Streetstuf announces Global Brand Ambassador

We are so excited!

Today, we are pleased to announce our PNG to the World Brand Ambassador! She is Miss Jennifer Luanda, of New Ireland Province.

Jennifer, or 'Jen' as she is known, is a flight attendant with world-renowned airline and Doha based Qatar Airways. She flies on routes to many of the world's recognized destinations, including Jordan, New York, Milan and Athens among many other places, and storytells experiences from these places through Instagram.

On a recent trip back home for break, Miss Luanda expressed how grateful she was for the opportunity to take a bit of PNG to the world. "I'll do my best with promoting", Jen says. She has also been a follower of Barata since it began in 2015.

On her trips to places in the world, Jennifer will now wear our headwear and promote PNG with photos from her trips, as well explain the design inspirations. She will also direct people to our online shop should they wish to purchase (baratapng.com/shop)

Manager of Barata Streetstuf, Christopher Lam, says it falls in line with the recent opening of the online shop strategy for worldwide customers. "It now enables more interaction with people overseas to know about PNG through storytelling with designs. This is our small part in promoting fashion tourism for Papua New Guinea", Mr Lam says.

Jennifer becomes our second brand ambassador, joining DJ TraVy, who is our local brand ambassador.

You can follow Jennifer's journey with Barata on Instagram (@the_rotten_pizza) or via our social media platforms.


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