• Deborah Alois

Barata streamlines in rebrand

Barata Streetstuf was an idea that was created in the middle of July 2015. Since then, our brand has gone on to sell more than a thousand caps and hats and has featured in various media articles, including facilitation of various youth programs.

This year 2018, we are announcing our new brand image that streamlines all our products and services, from 'Barata Streetstuf' to 'Barata Papua New Guinea'.

The new brand retains the well-known 'B' bird logo, and updates the typeface with a neutral colour scheme, giving more prominence to our prints. 

This decision comes as part of our shift in focus from a local brand, to become one that will be recognised anywhere in the world. It also allows all our online presence to become singular, creating a more streamlined, homegrown brand.

This transition is effective immediately, and will be present in all upcoming lines and social media marketing content.

It is the first step in our 2018 #theNEXTbarata campaign, leading the way for upcoming  projects and releases.



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