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Barata PNG officially announces the ‘SUMATIN’ Lae Schools Competition, which will be held from the 25th to 29th June 2018 in Lae. The event aims to become a platform that young people can use to discuss issues they face as well as the opportunity to connect with other students on mutual grounds. 

The event, known previously as the Lae Schools Spelling Bee and Debate Competition, will be the second year running of this well received platform. In 2017 the event was conducted with 12 schools in the Lae City area, with debates for the high schools and spelling bees for the primary schools. Held over one full week, it drew large crowds of excited students and parents, with Lae Christian Academy and Coronation College taking out the top prize.

This year, we will continue on with this format, but have a few more exciting programs in the week. High School students will now have a public speaking platform, and Primary schools will also compete in a quiz. In addition to this, students will be able to use forms of literary or expressive art to describe their vision of a Lae they want to live in. These artworks will be displayed in an open gallery at a public space for the public to observe during the week.

The competitions will accumulate on the final day when we host the first youth summit. Young people excelling in their different fields of sports, entrepreneurship, creative arts and environment will speak and share their experiences that we hope will motivate and inspire young people. They will also participate in an open dialogue session.

Being a sponsorship based event, we are in talks with business houses and NGO’s to support us in facilitation, with general response already positive from some organisations. Any information regarding this can be obtained from us via the details below should any interested parties want to support.

The event continues on our Social Responsibilities Plan as a youth-focused business, a plan set up to connect with more young people. The event is organized by a youth collective of volunteers that were born, raised in and call Lae their home. Schools will soon receive information on participation in the coming days, and can enquire with us via our contact details.


For further media information contact: Christopher Lam, at chris@baratapng.com / 7610 2364 

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