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Updated: Feb 19, 2020


Found in 2015 as Barata Streetstuf with snapbacks as our first products, we’ve grown over the years to expand into different apparel products, creating and managing different events, hoping to inspire the next young Papua New Guineans. From creating Barata, our catalyst brand, to running programs for young people under SUMATIN, it’s been amazing.

All throughout our journey, we encountered challenges and learnt many lessons that pushed us to explore new ideas and hone our craft. As with many PNG businesses, we are no exception to the fact that it is not always easy running a business in this economic climate. But we have always believed in us, and managed to make it work.

5 years on and today, we are so thrilled to announce our newest brand, KVL Studios.

KVL Studios now becomes the parent company to all our brands – Barata, Claytn, SUMATIN and The Underground Collective. It will take care of three main areas of focus – Apparel, Content Creation and Social Media Management.

Apparel - Barata and Claytn, focused towards two major markets – athleisure and premium fashion, giving everyone from kids to stylish adults options at different price points.


KVL Studios is founded and managed on the philosophy of journeys and enjoying what you do.


Content Creation - SUMATIN, our youth-focused program aimed at encouraging positive behaviour, critical thinking and entrepreneurship will continue to run with new and improved competitions for students. And The Underground Collective, our collaboration with local designers Baiwa and Tabu, will serve as our platform for exclusive designer pop-ups and connecting with other designers on ways to make the PNG Fashion Industry more viable.

Our collaborations with local creatives will also continue to provide positive content for audiences, and we’re thrilled to welcome Jerry Albaniel of JA Video Production on board.

Management - With years of experience of social media marketing for our own products and programs that have successfully reached thousands online, we understand the need for engaging social media content and general upkeep of your PR, and now offer different packages to suit your needs and budgets.

There are many people we would like to thank in getting us to this point, but to our families – thank you for your endless support and love throughout this journey.

We look forward to the year 2020 and beyond. #journeyon

KVL Studios


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