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Nadya Parascos - The Performance Artist

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Nadya E. Parascos during our production of several events in Port Moresby. Nadya is an Event Manager for Next of Kin PNG, an event company consistently pushing this industry’s limits of creativity and quality. She is one of the handful of Papua New Guineans capable of effectively executing the countless elements that make a spectacular event. However, beyond managing large productions like the Miss Pacific Islands - PNG Pageant night and even a travelling show of dancers, actors, and comedians making awareness on plastic pollution in Port Moresby, Nadya is a passionate dance theatre artist and creative. Her most recognized work is the PNG Post Courier TV advertisement where she mass choreographed 40 people to create the shape of a kundu and a butterfly flapping its wings. Here, she shares with us her passion for theatre performance and how she was able to work this craft through role as event manager.

When did you realise you had a passion for performance art?

I’m a believer of how every Papua New Guinean is inherently a creative artist and we all

have had experiences in song and dance, whether it is from traditional culture or church.

And so, the love for performance, acting, dancing, started when I was quite young. My

grandmother would always sing to us and we were always encouraged to dance and

express ourselves creatively. Then I got introduced to the musical “Singin’ in the Rain”, and

that’s when I fell in love with the magic that was theatrical performance and its ability to

allow the performer and the viewer to take a journey into another world of creativity and story


Does your role as event manager and dance theatre artist/creative merge often in this industry?

Yes, definitely. I’ve always seen event management as a by-product. I studied Theatre Arts at the University of Papua New Guinea and in addition to creating said art, we also learnt theatre management, which was everything from coordination of people to ticket sales. Creating content then managing it is increasingly becoming the way we work in this industry now as clients are wanting more than just a set up at their events. So, I find myself functioning as both often now. It’s great!

Is there a particular style you have in creating choreography?

My style of choreography has always been contemporary/modern/traditional fusion. I am

very much a dance theatre enthusiast. My scripts and storylines always feature dance as the

glue that makes the performance or production. I enjoy creating dance performances that

celebrate the lines, angles of the body. Creating new movement through the use of natural

grace and flexibility. Each dance created is always sequenced to a story, there is always a

beginning, middle and an end. The final piece that is performed has the goal of speaking to

each individual viewer differently provoking thought and conversation of what was seen.

That yes, there was a story, maybe a voice-over of a script, but in the beauty of the

movement or in the high-energy of a movement sequence seen, each individual viewer is

made to think, feel and connect with the performance.

What are some highlights of your career so far?

I have too many...it’s been an amazing journey as a creative in this industry! There have

been beautiful highs and also lows. And each experience has been nothing but growth and

learning. My most recent memorable experience would be the staging of Next of Kin’s 15th

Anniversary body art show, I’ARI. Being part of the creation process, then collaborating with

some of our country’s finest artists, painters, dancers and models to stage a spectacular

show celebrating one of the best event companies in the industry, was one of my best

achievements so far.

Nadya with performers of the Body Art Show

What advice would you give budding theatre artists who are looking to join the event industry?

I would say if you can multitask, if you have a head for management, if you’re passionate about the industry and don’t mind the sometimes-long hours, then just go ahead and apply. There are many opportunities now to create your own performances and end up managing it so just APPLY! You never know.

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