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Update: SUMATIN Program 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to cause disruptions all around the world, we hope everyone is keeping well and observing measures put in place to protect ourselves and those around us. And as the case with many other local businesses that rely on people being together, here at KVL Studios we are no exception with our business and programs and have had to adjust to this new reality.

Every year since 2017 we have always put together our SUMATIN Program for our young people in Lae, especially students. It has always been our aim to bring together these young people from the different schools in our city to compete and interact with each other, but now with new social distancing rules and after all things considered, we are forced to make changes to our program for 2020.

We have decided to cancel both the Spelling Bee and Pitch competitions of the week that is usually facilitated with our Primary and Secondary Schools, due to uncertainties around resumption of classes and new schedules and practices that may be conflicting with the program.

As for the SUMATIN Summit, we will proceed to facilitate the event virtually, using Instagram Live. By using Instagram, our audiences will be able to watch and hear from our speakers from anywhere, and can interact with them in real time. You must be following us on Instagram @kvl.studios to be able to get all the updates and to watch the live event.

We are pleased to announce that we have four incredible young people lined up to speak at the IG Live Summit. They are:

  • De Bono Paraka - Body Fuel PNG and Pro Athlete

  • Shavina Maras - Pro Golfer

  • Toro Gaming PNG

  • Leoshina Kariha - Youth Advocate and former Miss Pacific Islands

The Live Summit will now be hosted on Wednesday May 20 - Saturday May 23. Each of our speakers will go live with us on each day of this week. Check our social media channels for more details and save the dates.

We thank everyone involved in SUMATIN for your patience and understanding during this time. Please remember to observe all social distancing rules, do fist bumps instead of handshakes and wash your hands regularly so we can all do our part in minimising the spread of coronavirus.


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